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401 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
402 During the evening of November 29, 1995, Virginia Town started to
bleed heavily. She was rushed to the hospital where it was
determined that the placenta had broken away from the wall of the
womb. Brigid died approx. 4:00 AM on 11/30/95 while still in the
womb. They immediately induced labor. Brigid was stillborn about
7:00 PM 11/30/95.

Buried with her brother, Patrick, who died the next year, in the
Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, CA. To get to the grave on
Meuse-Argonne Dr. and go about a 1/2 mile until you see a stone bench
surrounded by 3 eucalyptus trees on the left side of the street.
Grave is in the third row west of the bench. Grave number is 46-
Brigid Eileen TOWN
403 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. James Erwin TOWN
404 Buried with his sister, Brigid, who died the previous year, in the
Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, CA. To get to the grave on
Meuse-Argonne Dr. and go about a 1/2 mile until you see a stone bench
surrounded by 3 eucalyptus trees on the left side of the street.
Grave is in the third row west of the bench. Grave number is 46-
Patrick Allen TOWN
405 Dixon Evening Telegraph - November 21, 1935 - Pg. 2, Col. 7

Underwood - Fitts Wedding in Chicago

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Philip Underwood, of 42 North Mason avenue, Amboy,
announce the marriage of their daughter, Bernice, to Dudley Fitts,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fitts of Evanston, on Saturday morning,
November 16, 1935 in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Fitts left for the south and will return the latter part
of December to Chicago where they will make their home.
Both she and Dudley are buried in St. Joseph, Michigan, where they
were living after they retired and left Evanston, Ill. They had
lived for years at 1317 Oak St. (just off Dempster).

Directions: From South Bend, IN, take US 31North to St. Joseph, MI.
Just southeast of St. Joseph, (at Scottsdale) M 63 goes off to the
left. Follow 63, past I-94, to Hilltop Rd. Left on Hilltop to
Cleveland. Right on Cleveland until it merges with Business 94.
Veer right on Bus 94 for about 1/4 mile. Cemetery is on the left.

They are buried in a small, mainly Catholic, private cemetery. Their
graves are located in the 5th row from the back, 4th grave site on
the left facing the lake.
Bernice Leonarda "Elsie" UNDERWOOD
406 Grave location: Buried with his parents. - See Edward Charles Franklin UNDERWOOD
407 Place of residence: 42 North Mason Ave., Amboy, Ill
Amboy News, April 6, 1978
His Was a Railroad Family (A picture of Edward Underwood was also

With the preservation of the Illinois Central Railroad Depot in Amboy
as the "Depot Museum," this community is keeping alive the memory of
the many Amboyans who were a part of Amboy's railroad history.

One of those was Edward P. Underwood (pictured above), an ICRR
Engineer, who retired in 1937 at the age of 65. He went to work for
the IC at the age of 17. At 22 he became an engineer and was "at the
throttle" until his retirement.

Mr Underwood had two brothers and one sister. Together with their
parents, Franklin and Mary Underwood, they lived on West Division
Street in a house that is now occupied by the Russ Janssen family.
His brother Frank was an engineer for the Great Northern Railroad,
running from Dubuque, Iowa to Sycamore, Ill., where he and his family
lived. His next brother, "Charlie," was an engineer for the Southern
Pacific Railroad, running from De Soto, Mo. to St. Louis. The family
lived in De Soto. Both Frank and "Charlie" were married to Amboy

The sister, mentioned above, was Elizabeth who married James Lavelle,
an Amboyan who was an engineer on the IC, running from Freeport to
Clinton. Their daughter is Mrs. John (Frances) McGowan who lives on
North Jefferson Avenue, Amboy. Her family home was in Freeport but
she has been an Amboy resident for a number of years.

Ed Underwood's original run was from Amboy to Minonk on Engine 1909.
The family lived in Freeport for a few years while he worked out of
there but for most of his years "on the road," he and his family
maintained their home at 42 North Mason Avenue, Amboy in the
residence now occupied by Betty and Nancy Anderson.

Engineer Underwood's last run, from which he retired, was an engineer
of the IC passenger train (which went through Amboy) from Freeport to
Clinton. He was a member of St. Patrick's Church, Amboy, and Keenan
Council, Knights of Columbus.

Mr. Underwood was married to Sarah J. Holleran, also a native
Amboyan. She preceded him in death at the age of 62 in 1936. Two
sons, Franklin and Kenneth, died at an early age. His daughter,
Geraldine "Dode" died in 1974.

Mr Underwood died in 1941 at the age of 69. Surviving him are four
daughters: Mrs Olive Belsey of Nalcrest, Fla., Mrs Bernice Fitts of
St. Joseph, Mich., Mrs Mary Frances Davidson of Pompano Beach, Fla.,
and Mrs Virginia Ehman of Indianapolis, Ind. There are also two
grandsons and three great-grandchildren, all living in California.

7/31/94 Visited Amboy Museum, old Amboy depot, looked at a book
called a "Train Register" Sep. - Oct. 1929. "Underwood" was the
engineer of engine #1609 on the run from Amboy to Clinton and return
the next day. There were numerous entries during this period. It
appeared that the trains were made up of freight cars.

Obituary, Amboy News, 11/13/1941

Stated that he was born 4/20/1872, of Frank Underwood and Mary
Gallagher. He married Miss Sara Holleran at Holy Name Cathedral in
Chicago, 4/18/1894. He died at home, 11/8/1941, at 8:30 AM. Besides
the immediate family, he has two brothers: F. J. Underwood of
Sycamore, Ill., and C. F. Underwood of De Soto, Mo. Started work at
the Illinois Central at age 17 and retired at 65 after 48 years of
continuous service. He was a member of Division 27, Locomotive
(Note: Mother's maiden name (Garity, not Gallager), and date of
marriage! -see below)

Dixon Evening Telegraph - November 10, 1941- Pg. 4, Col. 4


The funeral of Edward P. Underwood, 69, of Amboy , an employee of the
Illinois Central railroad for 38 years before his retirement in 1937,
who passed away Saturday morning at his home on North Mason avenue,
Amboy, was held at 9:00 this morning at St. Patrick's Church in
Amboy, with burial in St. Partick's cemetery.

Mr. Underwood made his home in Amboy all his life with the exception
of 10 years spent in Freeport. He was born May 20, 1872, the son of
Franklin and Mary Gallagher Underwood. He entered the employ of the
Illinois Central railroad when 17 years old and for 44 years was a
locomotive engineer.

He was married in April, 1894 to Sarah Holleran in Holy Name
Cathedral at Chicago. Mrs. Underwood died July 5, 1936. Two sons
also preceded him in death.

Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Olive MacDonald of Chicago, Mrs.
Bernice Fitts of Evanston, Mrs. Mary Frances Davidson of Pittsburgh,
PA, Miss Geraldine Underwood and Mrs. Virginia Bondi of Amboy, and a
grandson, Philip Underwood Bondi of Amboy.

Grave location: Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Lot #168, Amboy, Ill

Heading south from Amboy, enter cemetery on the third road, beneath
the arch, and headed towards the cross, which is toward the rear.
UNDERWOOD tombstone is located on the left side about 2/3 of the way
towards the cross. The headstone is very distinctive as it looks
like 5 logs stacked 2X2X1. Buried there are: Edward and Sara; sons,
Franklin and Kenneth, both of whom died very young; daughter,
Geraldine, and granddaughter, Sara Josephine Ehman. Sara Ehman was
the infant daughter of Virginia Underwood and John Ehman.

Discussed grandparents with my mother, Virginia E. (Underwood) Ehman.
She disclosed the following facts that, prior, I had either not
heard, or did not associate with anything. 1) Edward P. did not go
to school beyond 8th grade. 2) At some time during his teen age
years he worked as a bell hop at a hotel in Chicago. 3) Sometime
during his early teenage years, he and his best friend, Arthur
"Dutch" Edwards, stole an elephant from a circus in Dixon and were
walking it down the tracks back towards Amboy. The elephant was
"rescued" when the circus people caught up with them and shot at them
with buckshot,

apparently hitting Dutch, but not seriously. 4) His family didn't
want him to go with Sara Holleran because her family was so poor.
They knew each other and dated until Sara went to Chicago to work.
After no word from Sara, he started to date Genevieve McGinnis. They
(Ed & Sara) started going together again after Sara returned from
Chicago for a dance. Then, they figured out that his sister,
Melissa, and his Mother, were destroying the letters from Sara. He
then fixed up his brother Charlie with Genny because she was a nice
girl and should stay in the family. (See Charles F. Underwood Family
Made a request at the Cook County Marriage License Clerk to obtain a
copy of Edward and Sara's license.
Received a copy of Edward and Sara's license. It shows that EDWARD
P. UNDERWOOD, of Amboy, Illinois, age 23, applied for a license to
marry Sadie Howland, of Amboy, Illinois, age 21, on August 5, 1895,
and that they were married on August 6, 1895. They were married by a
catholic priest at Holy Name. Considering that Edward's new wife was
very pregnant when they got married, we can say that Edward was a
respectable man and made an "honest" woman out of Sara. (See notes
re: Sara Underwood)
-------- Thoughts by Philip Underwood Bondi, Grandson, 12/22/1994 ----

Unparsed GEDCOM data:
2 PLAC Railroad Engineer 
Edward Philip UNDERWOOD
408 Buried with her parents. - See Edward Geraldine Rose "Dode" UNDERWOOD
409 Maiden name of mother is noted as Sara Josephine "Holland" and not
Holleran. Birth Certificate, Illinois State File Number #205545

Baptismal Record at St. Mary's Church in Freeport, Ill. Baptized on

Birth Certificate is a "Delayed Record of Birth" requested about Nov.

Buried in Queen of Peace Cemetery, 1965 Reliez Valley Road,
Lafayette, CA

Take Rt 24 towards Oakland, Off at Pleasant Hill Rd. North on
Pleasent Hill to Reliez Valley Road. Left on Reliez for 3-5 miles.
Cemetery is to the left.

Grave is located in St. Lukes Mausoleum, Back side, 4 rows up, 3rd
over from the extreme left side.

Unparsed GEDCOM data:
1 NAME Helen Olive Underwood
2 SOUR @S3713@ 
410 Buried with his parents. - See Edward. John Kenneth UNDERWOOD
411 Buried in Forrest Lawn Cemetery - Garden of Memories 2. Cemetery is
located on COPANS RD., approximately 1/2 mile east of I-95. Enter
cemetery and immediately turn Left on perimeter road. Follow road to
east end of cemetery and turn Right. Take the next two Right turns
and stop approximately 1/2 way. Grave is to the right in the fourth
Mary Frances UNDERWOOD
412 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Virginia Elizabeth "Ginie" UNDERWOOD
413 Francois Valle was born on Jan 2, 1716 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada. He was christened on the Jan 3rd. Francois came to Ste Genevieve in 1749 and founded the Valle Mining Company. Francois was born to Charles La Valle and Genevieve Marcoux. All of the Valle's from Ste Genevieve descend from Charles and Genevieve.

Valles' Mines started when Francois Valle came here from Quebec in 1749 to buy lead from the Indians and stayed to mine. 251 years later, the Valle Mining Company* labors on in a Reclamation Project of the 8 square miles of lands. Mining has not been all bad, leaving us with 10-acre lakes and miles and miles of roads, wagon trails and paths in a huge forest.

The forest has grown up around Valles' hand-dug mines, the Rocky Digs. They now sit in the 240 acre Wildlife Preserve Area #1. Thanks to Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (636-343-6200, Fenton, MO) allowing us to be a Release Site for rehabilitated wildlife, we have been able to restore the native populations of red foxes, raccoons, ground hogs and possums. This spring around the lakes in Preserve Area #2, flocks of 55 turkeys were spotted and Canada geese and Blue Heron have become regulars. The Preserves are designated No-Hunt zones and open all year. Patrolled regularly, the other 3000 adjoining acres close during deer season.

Valle Mining Company, a Missouri corporation. With former mills and works in Valles Mines, Missouri, the property now serves as a tree farm.

They lived in a log cabin built for them as a wedding present by her father Leonard Billeron who was at the time Mayor of Kaskaskia. This log cabin (14115 Valles Mines School Road) currently houses, some 259 years later and still in use, our "Lost History Museum". 
Francois Charles VALLE
414 commandant of Se. Genevieve Jean Baptiste VALLE
415 died young Odile VALLE
416 died single Felix VALLEE
417 died single Louis VALLEE
418 died young within two weeks of marriage Marie Rose Elvina VALLEE
419 deceased Robert Jeremy VAN MOL
420 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
421 previous husband McDonald Narcissa WALDROP
422 Green Book doesn't say K.C., MO or K.C., KKS Alice WARD
423 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
Harold "Harry" WOODEN
424 Boucher Marcel W÷SCHER
425 Agriculture Urbain W÷SCHER
426 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
427 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
428 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
429 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
430 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
431 Unparsed GEDCOM data:
246 N 300 W #3
LOGAN UT Submission: AF92-104182
USA 84321

DENYSE S-G SMITH Microfilm: 1512620
PO BOX 148
CANADA T0K 2S0 Submission: AF89-004862

BOX 347
FAIRVIEW Submission: AF92-105651

HUNTINGTON BEACH CA Submission: AF93-100098
USA 92649

BOX 347
FAIRVIEW MT Submission: AF96-100696
USA 5922 
Source: Ancestral File - Moreau/Duclos
433 Database has many sources including Goodspeed's History of East Missouri.

Mone Felicite Janis ancestry no longer on webpage. Sources from 2002 research. Citation from Thomure Family Tree by Ron Thomure of Jenison, MI 
Source: Descendants of Jacques Beauvais dit St. Gemme
434 Source material: Jett√© G√©n√©alogie des Familles du Qu√©bec 1600-1730 Source: Famille Chartrand
435 Sources cited in web page Source: McAnany Clan History
436 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Source: Personal Knowledge/Patrick D. McAnany Family
437 Grave located in Section 2
St. Patrick's Cemetary, Amboy, Ill
Storage medium: Tombstone

Unparsed GEDCOM data:
Source: St. Patrick's, Amboy, IL Cemetery Records
438 Source: The Book of St. Louisans - A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the City of St. Louis and Vicinity
439 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Source: The Descendants of Joseph Grunewald and Anna Maria Arnold

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