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151 Married an Indian woman. Among descendants are the Kennedys,
Maxwells, and a family of Chouteaus. 
BEAUVAIS, Raphael Ste. Gemme (I416)
152 Mason at Osthouse MILTENBERGER, Jean Theobald (I2166)
153 Mason in Erstein MILTENBERGER, Materne (I2211)
154 Mayor of Erstein: 1800-02, 1804-06 KARST, Aloyse (I4281)
155 Merchant-Ferrant HEYM, Laurent (I4301)
156 Miltenberger Houses
House/Mansion, French Quarter

The widow Amelie Miltenberger built this row of three brick town
houses in the 1830s for her three sons. Two generations later, her
daughter Alice Heine became famous for wedding Prince Albert of
Monaco. Although the marriage ended childless and in divorce,
Princess Alice was a sensation in New Orleans.
Address: 900, 906, and 910 Royal St., New Orleans, LA, USA 
MILTENBERGER, Marie-Amelie Celeste (I2099)
157 Namesake of Bossier City, LA
Louisiana State Senator 1833-1843
U.S. Congressional Representative 1843-1844 
BOSSIER, Pierre Evariste Jean Baptiste (I609)
158 nephew of Heinrich Heine HEINE, Michel (I1393)
159 no children BOUVAIS, Marie Louise Ste. Gemme (I648)
160 no children Family F2898
161 No children Family F946
162 No date KIRK, Joseph (I1692)
163 no date MURPHY, Dennis (I2355)
164 no date, after marriage to Elizabeth Duffey Family F2367
165 no date, after Philip, before James MURPHY, Edward (I2356)
166 no date, first child HOLLERAN, John (I1434)
167 no date, first child MURPHY, Mary (I2365)
168 no date, fourth child MURPHY, Ann (I2350)
169 no date, second child MURPHY, Fannie (I2357)
170 no date, second to last child HOLLERAN, Bridget (I1428)
171 no date, third child MURPHY, Catherine (I2352)
172 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2809
173 Not sure about this person. May have been a twin of Fanny who died
as an infant. 
HOLLERAN, Alice (I1427)
174 Oakwood Cemetery, Dixon, IL HEALEY, Michael (I1379)
175 Occupation: Mason MILTENBERGER, Hans Matthis (I2151)
176 Odile de Chapelle de Jumilhac du Plessis
From the Washington Post, Aug 4, 1904:
Mlle. de Richelieu, whose engagement to Count Gabriel de la
Rochefoucauld has just been announced, is half American, her mother
having been born at New Orleans as the daughter of Michael Heine, the
Franco-American banker. Miss Alice Heine married as her first husband
the late Duke de Richelieu ... by whom she had two children, namely,
the present Duke de Richelieu and of Fronsac, and a girl, Mlle. Odile
de Richelieu. The widowed Duchess de Richelieu subsequently married
the present prince of Monaco, from whom she is now judicially
separated. She is the only American woman who has ever been raised by
marriage to sovereign rank in the Old World.
While Mlle. de Richelieu will inherit a very large fortune from her
mother, the heiress of the Michael Heine millions, Count Gabriel de
la Rochefoucauld has no fortune and is the son of Count Aimery de la
Rochefoucauld, whose principal claims to note in the French great
world are his extraordinary knowledge of heraldry and of the
genealogy of the great houses of France and his intense animosity to
everything pertaining to the Hebrew race. In fact, he has always
taken a leading part in the anti-Semitic movement and been
particularly loud in his denunciation of those matrimonial alliances
between the old French aristocracy and the Jewish race. Under the
circumstances the marriage of his son naturally creates some comment,
since Mlle. de Richelieu is the daughter of a woman who, though
belonging to the Roman Catholic church, is nevertheless, as far as
race is concerned, a full-fledged Israelite. 
CHAPELLE de JUMILHAC, Marie Auguste Septimanie Odile (I2607)
177 Of Cincinnati Police Dept. and was killed in the line of duty. FOX, Harry (I1063)
178 Page: 7
Page: 14
Arrived in America listed as a 10 yr. old child(she was closer to 12
yrs. old ) aboard the LIVERPOOL out of Liverpool, on November 1,
1850. She was accompanied by her brother Philip, who was about 11,
although the ships register says he was 7. (*)

(*) "The Famine Immigrants, Lists of Irish Immigrants arriving Port
of New York 1846-1851". Vol VI, 6/1850-3/1851. page 371.
Published by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1984,
Publishers: Ira A. Glazier and Michael Tepper.


"Mrs Patrick Holleran died Thursday at 4:30 AM at her family home on
Adams Avenue, after an illness lasting many weeks. The funeral will
be held from Saint Patrick's at 10:00 AM Saturday. Internment will
be at Rockyford." (Note: Rockyford later changed to Saint Patrick's

Source: Amboy News, 8/30/1912
Dixon Daily Telegraph - August 29, 1912 - Pg. 1, Col. 6

AMBOY WOMAN DIED TODAY - Mrs. Patrick Halaron (sic) Passed Away this
Morning - Funeral Saturday

Mrs. Patrick Halaron of this city, aged 73 years and a very well
known pioneer resident of Amboy, died at her home in this city this

Mrs. Halaron had been a resident of Amboy for over 40 years and her
demise cause a breach in a large circle of friends. She leaves her
husband and seven children, one of whom is a son, John, who is a
Justice of the Peace in Amboy.

The funeral will be held from St. Patrick's church in Amboy at 10
A.M. Saturday, and interment will be at the St. Patrick's cemetery,


Dixon Daily Telegraph - August 31, 1912 - Pg. 5, Col. 4


Mrs. Rose Holleran, wife of Patrick Holleran of Amboy and one of the
earliest settlers of Lee County, died at her home Friday morning at
the age of 75 years.

Mrs. Holleran was the mother of twelve children, two of whom, Mrs.
Mary Stay and Alice, having preceded her in death. She leaves to
mourn her loss her aged husband, Patrick Holleran and ten children,
as follows:

Mr. John Holleran of Amboy
Mrs. J. B. Connors, Chicago
Mrs. J. D. Callahan, Chicago
Miss Kate Holleran, Chicago
Mrs. C. W. Lamb, Chicago
Mrs. S. J. Quinn, Chicago
Mrs. Ed Underwood, Amboy
Mrs. Frederick George, Los Angeles
Mrs. John Curtin, Amboy
Miss Jennie Holleran, Amboy

Also one brother, P. McInaney and one sister, Mrs. Owen Kirk of
Kansas City, Mo. Two half brothers, Dennis Murphy of Williams, Iowa,
and Michael Murphy of Dixon, together with many grandchildren and
great-grandchildren and other relatives and many friends who regret
her death.

Mrs. Holleran was an aunt of Mrs. Frank(sp.) Valle and Katherine Kane
of Dixon.

Funeral services will be held from the residence at 9:30 and at St.
Patrick's Catholic Church at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning and
interment will be made in St. Patrick's cemetery at Rockyford, Amboy.

Tombstone location: St. Patrick's Cemetery, Lot #408, Amboy Ill

Enter the cemetery on the center road. Headstone for HOLLERAN/CURTIN
is located on the left, about 11 rows from the entrance. Buried on
the plot: Patrick and Rose Holleran; son, John, and his wife
Catherine; daughter, Katherine, who changed her last name to HOLLAND,
(probably to de-Irish the name); and daughter, Jane "Jennie" Curtin,
and her husband Timothy.

Unparsed GEDCOM data:
1 NAME Rose Margaret "Rosy" McAnany
2 SOUR @S3688@
2 SOUR @S3742@
2 SOUR @S3871@ 
MCANANY, Rose Margaret (I2005)
179 PĂȘcheur SOMMER, Marie (I4304)
180 Pelagie Vital Beauvais born to Joseph Vital and unknown slave woman
on 9/21/1805

From Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri: p.244 Vital St. Gem or
Vital Beauvais came from Kaskaskia soon after the capture of that place
by Gen. Clark. He is said to have built the first gristmill in the old
town, and thus the first west of the Mississippi. The house that he built
in the new village was still standing in 1888. He was commissioned as one
of the first judges of the court of common pleas and quarter sessions,
and continued in office until his death. Vital first located at the
Saline, but about 1791 came to Ste. Genevieve and built the house now
occupied by Mrs. Menard. Note: a copy of his judicial commission can be
found in the Draper manuscripts. 
de BEAUVAIS, Joseph Vital Ste. Gemme dit (I401)
181 Philip was born and raised in the Townland of Kennoge and lived there as a married man. He was a horse trader and farmer and died at or after the birth of his last child, Philip, in 1842. MCANANY, Philip (I2001)
182 Pilot Officer of the Royal Air Force Coastal Command (England) during

WWII and died on North Sea Patrol near Bournemouth 
MCANANY, Robert Adrian (I2027)
183 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BONDI, Philip Underwood "Woody" (I3252)
184 Place of residence: 42 North Mason Ave., Amboy, Ill
Amboy News, April 6, 1978
His Was a Railroad Family (A picture of Edward Underwood was also

With the preservation of the Illinois Central Railroad Depot in Amboy
as the "Depot Museum," this community is keeping alive the memory of
the many Amboyans who were a part of Amboy's railroad history.

One of those was Edward P. Underwood (pictured above), an ICRR
Engineer, who retired in 1937 at the age of 65. He went to work for
the IC at the age of 17. At 22 he became an engineer and was "at the
throttle" until his retirement.

Mr Underwood had two brothers and one sister. Together with their
parents, Franklin and Mary Underwood, they lived on West Division
Street in a house that is now occupied by the Russ Janssen family.
His brother Frank was an engineer for the Great Northern Railroad,
running from Dubuque, Iowa to Sycamore, Ill., where he and his family
lived. His next brother, "Charlie," was an engineer for the Southern
Pacific Railroad, running from De Soto, Mo. to St. Louis. The family
lived in De Soto. Both Frank and "Charlie" were married to Amboy

The sister, mentioned above, was Elizabeth who married James Lavelle,
an Amboyan who was an engineer on the IC, running from Freeport to
Clinton. Their daughter is Mrs. John (Frances) McGowan who lives on
North Jefferson Avenue, Amboy. Her family home was in Freeport but
she has been an Amboy resident for a number of years.

Ed Underwood's original run was from Amboy to Minonk on Engine 1909.
The family lived in Freeport for a few years while he worked out of
there but for most of his years "on the road," he and his family
maintained their home at 42 North Mason Avenue, Amboy in the
residence now occupied by Betty and Nancy Anderson.

Engineer Underwood's last run, from which he retired, was an engineer
of the IC passenger train (which went through Amboy) from Freeport to
Clinton. He was a member of St. Patrick's Church, Amboy, and Keenan
Council, Knights of Columbus.

Mr. Underwood was married to Sarah J. Holleran, also a native
Amboyan. She preceded him in death at the age of 62 in 1936. Two
sons, Franklin and Kenneth, died at an early age. His daughter,
Geraldine "Dode" died in 1974.

Mr Underwood died in 1941 at the age of 69. Surviving him are four
daughters: Mrs Olive Belsey of Nalcrest, Fla., Mrs Bernice Fitts of
St. Joseph, Mich., Mrs Mary Frances Davidson of Pompano Beach, Fla.,
and Mrs Virginia Ehman of Indianapolis, Ind. There are also two
grandsons and three great-grandchildren, all living in California.

7/31/94 Visited Amboy Museum, old Amboy depot, looked at a book
called a "Train Register" Sep. - Oct. 1929. "Underwood" was the
engineer of engine #1609 on the run from Amboy to Clinton and return
the next day. There were numerous entries during this period. It
appeared that the trains were made up of freight cars.

Obituary, Amboy News, 11/13/1941

Stated that he was born 4/20/1872, of Frank Underwood and Mary
Gallagher. He married Miss Sara Holleran at Holy Name Cathedral in
Chicago, 4/18/1894. He died at home, 11/8/1941, at 8:30 AM. Besides
the immediate family, he has two brothers: F. J. Underwood of
Sycamore, Ill., and C. F. Underwood of De Soto, Mo. Started work at
the Illinois Central at age 17 and retired at 65 after 48 years of
continuous service. He was a member of Division 27, Locomotive
(Note: Mother's maiden name (Garity, not Gallager), and date of
marriage! -see below)

Dixon Evening Telegraph - November 10, 1941- Pg. 4, Col. 4


The funeral of Edward P. Underwood, 69, of Amboy , an employee of the
Illinois Central railroad for 38 years before his retirement in 1937,
who passed away Saturday morning at his home on North Mason avenue,
Amboy, was held at 9:00 this morning at St. Patrick's Church in
Amboy, with burial in St. Partick's cemetery.

Mr. Underwood made his home in Amboy all his life with the exception
of 10 years spent in Freeport. He was born May 20, 1872, the son of
Franklin and Mary Gallagher Underwood. He entered the employ of the
Illinois Central railroad when 17 years old and for 44 years was a
locomotive engineer.

He was married in April, 1894 to Sarah Holleran in Holy Name
Cathedral at Chicago. Mrs. Underwood died July 5, 1936. Two sons
also preceded him in death.

Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Olive MacDonald of Chicago, Mrs.
Bernice Fitts of Evanston, Mrs. Mary Frances Davidson of Pittsburgh,
PA, Miss Geraldine Underwood and Mrs. Virginia Bondi of Amboy, and a
grandson, Philip Underwood Bondi of Amboy.

Grave location: Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Lot #168, Amboy, Ill

Heading south from Amboy, enter cemetery on the third road, beneath
the arch, and headed towards the cross, which is toward the rear.
UNDERWOOD tombstone is located on the left side about 2/3 of the way
towards the cross. The headstone is very distinctive as it looks
like 5 logs stacked 2X2X1. Buried there are: Edward and Sara; sons,
Franklin and Kenneth, both of whom died very young; daughter,
Geraldine, and granddaughter, Sara Josephine Ehman. Sara Ehman was
the infant daughter of Virginia Underwood and John Ehman.

Discussed grandparents with my mother, Virginia E. (Underwood) Ehman.
She disclosed the following facts that, prior, I had either not
heard, or did not associate with anything. 1) Edward P. did not go
to school beyond 8th grade. 2) At some time during his teen age
years he worked as a bell hop at a hotel in Chicago. 3) Sometime
during his early teenage years, he and his best friend, Arthur
"Dutch" Edwards, stole an elephant from a circus in Dixon and were
walking it down the tracks back towards Amboy. The elephant was
"rescued" when the circus people caught up with them and shot at them
with buckshot,

apparently hitting Dutch, but not seriously. 4) His family didn't
want him to go with Sara Holleran because her family was so poor.
They knew each other and dated until Sara went to Chicago to work.
After no word from Sara, he started to date Genevieve McGinnis. They
(Ed & Sara) started going together again after Sara returned from
Chicago for a dance. Then, they figured out that his sister,
Melissa, and his Mother, were destroying the letters from Sara. He
then fixed up his brother Charlie with Genny because she was a nice
girl and should stay in the family. (See Charles F. Underwood Family
Made a request at the Cook County Marriage License Clerk to obtain a
copy of Edward and Sara's license.
Received a copy of Edward and Sara's license. It shows that EDWARD
P. UNDERWOOD, of Amboy, Illinois, age 23, applied for a license to
marry Sadie Howland, of Amboy, Illinois, age 21, on August 5, 1895,
and that they were married on August 6, 1895. They were married by a
catholic priest at Holy Name. Considering that Edward's new wife was
very pregnant when they got married, we can say that Edward was a
respectable man and made an "honest" woman out of Sara. (See notes
re: Sara Underwood)
-------- Thoughts by Philip Underwood Bondi, Grandson, 12/22/1994 ----

Unparsed GEDCOM data:
2 PLAC Railroad Engineer 
UNDERWOOD, Edward Philip (I3238)
185 Place of residence: Amboy, Illinois
At some point in time the family changed the name of "Holleran" to
"Holland". This was noted on the birth certificate of Helen Olive
Underwood. State of Illinois State File Number #205545.

Virginia E. (Underwood) Ehman stated that she thought it was to "de-
Irish" the name. Also, it probably made it easier to get employment
if you were not obviously Irish.

Unknown if this spelling change was legally formalized or if the
family on their own did it for a short time.
Obituary, Amboy News, 7/9/1936

Died at home at 6:45 AM Sunday, July 5, after a serious illness of
two weeks duration. She was born 3/19/1874, and married 4/15/1895 to
EDWIN P. Underwood. She was educated in public schools and except
for 12 years in Freeport, Ill., resided in Amboy.

Grave location: See Edward

The article then described the immediate family and who attended.
(Note the marriage date and husband's name compared to his obituary!)
Discussed my grandmother with my mother, Virginia Ehman. She gave me
some additional information that I had never known about my
grandmother. 1) She worked for a short time in Chicago as a
milliner's (hats) assistant. 2) She probably stayed with her other
sisters in Chicago. 3) For dating between her and Ed (Edwin?
Edward?) - see Edward Philip Notes. 4) She was probably pregnant
when she got married - At least that was alluded to, according to
Mom, by her other sisters, and acknowledged to Mom after the funeral.
- (See Below)
I made a request to the Cook County Marriage License Clerk for a copy
of Edward and Sara's marriage License.
Received a copy of Edward and Sara's marriage license. It shows that
Edward P. Underwood, of Amboy Illinois, age 23, and SADIE HOWLAND, of
Amboy, Illinois, age 21, applied for the license on August 5, 1895,
and were married on August 6, 1895, by a Catholic Priest at Holy

---------- Observations that will never be confirmed ----------
The fact that a different name for Sara is on the license (Sadie) is
not confusing. It could be a pet or nick-name they used. As stated
above, there was an attempt to "de-Irish" the name. After all,
whether the last name was "Holleran", "Holland", or "Howland", after
the woman was married she would forever be an Underwood. Note that
they all sound alike. ALSO, here is another question to ponder.
Since Olive was born about four months later, (Dec. 1895) and she was
working in Chicago as a milliner's assistant, had she and Ed meet in
Chicago for a "Wild Weekend" about the time of her birthday?
Considering the times, I'm guessing that she became pregnant and then
stayed in Chicago. She probably couldn't go home. Amboy is such a
small town and you know how people talk! Considering her 21st
birthday was March 19, 1995, and Olive being born December 19th, nine
months later, it seems apparent that my Grandfather, Edward, really
gave her a gift of love. My Mother (Virginia Underwood Ehman) often
said that her mother always told her girls "not to marry early".
Times had to be tough for both she and Ed. Again, considering the
times, I'm sure that there were hard feelings by both sets of in-laws
during the early years. Shortly thereafter, she and Ed moved to
Freeport where Olive was born.
------- Thoughts by Philip Underwood Bondi, Grandson,
12/22/1994 ------ 
HOLLERAN, Sarah Josephine (Holland) (I1439)
186 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BONDI, Phillip Richard (I3250)
187 Possibly born 1733 (Conrad:418)
Lived in "The German Coast" in St. Charles Parish 
BOSSIER, Francois (I566)
188 possibly coldwell CALDWELL, John B. (I691)
189 possibly Mollie O'Brien, Mary (I2427)
190 previous husband McDonald WALDROP, Narcissa (I3085)
191 probate record opened 10/15/1822 showing estate without will. GUIGNON, Louis Joseph (I1256)
192 Procureur fiscal KIEFFER, Jean (I4311)
193 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F727
194 Redemptorist Church Family F2019
195 Reinterred at Calvary Cemetery in the 1850s MILTENBERGER, Jean Pierre (I2165)
196 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DRYDEN, Mary Frances (I941)
197 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DRYDEN, Virginia Anna (I944)
198 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DRYDEN, Constance Eleanore (I934)
199 Rene Jette Genealogical Dictionary page 17, was 84 when he died in 1688, 62 at the 1667 Census, 77 at the 1681 Census in Montreal. [AGA, AG-FNF] his 2nd marriage was by contract (ct 26 Jan 1666 Ameau) Cap de la Madeleine. He was from a town named Lardilliere a Dompierre sur Mer, and he was married 1st St-Philibert du Pont-Charault. BARHAMBAULT, Jacques Archambault ou (I368)
200 Rosedale Cemetery MCANANY, Philip (I2007)

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